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《四界个聲》(Global Voices)是一个綫頂媒體平台,taⁿ 有作者 ùi 通世界 kō͘ 二十外種語文咧鬥報全天下 bo-lok 佮其它民間媒體个消息。Tsit 个網站是後擺《四界个聲》Ho̍h-ló 文(福建文、台文、閩南文)網站个試驗版本,希望通予欲參與个有志先來共咱欲使用个傢俬 thuā 予熟手,ah 來閣希望 ùi tsia 招卡濟朋友來佮咱合作。來,佮咱同齊來起《四界个聲》Hok-kiàn (台文)版本

Global Voices is an international community of bloggers and translators who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world, in over 20 languages. This blog is a sandbox for the upcoming Global Voices in Hokkien (Taiwanese) Lingua site, so that interested people get used to the tools we use in the project, as well as a way to recruit friends to help us translate. Get involved with Global Voices in Hokkien (Taiwanese)!

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